Preaching at Christmas

What do you expect the person doing the inspiring preaching to say this week?  In the midst of a hectic, busy, frantic and often chaotic season, what should the preacher preach about?  Church Leaders often feel tremendous pressure in this time of the year.  The thinking goes something like this: Visitors are more likely to visit... Continue Reading →


The Truth Will Set You Free

"...and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."  (John 8:32) Have you ever heard someone quote this verse?  It is often taken away from what Jesus was saying.  People imagine that exposure to more facts or more knowledge will lead to an accumulation of more truth.  That is not at... Continue Reading →

How To Judge People

"Yet even if I do judge, my judgment is true, for it is not I alone who judge, but I and the Father with Me." -John 8:16 One of the most frequently heard misrepresentations of Christian belief and practice is that Christians should not judge other people. Some people even go on to claim that... Continue Reading →

Like A Killing Field

Ethnic Fulani Muslims killed at least 82 people from the village of Agatu, Benue State, in Nigera's "Middle Belt" in an attack at 4 a.m. on 15 March, in which they also destroyed houses, food barns, trees and farmland. " The entire village is like a killing field, with the stench of blood everywhere," said... Continue Reading →

Without Accusers

"Where are your accusers?" This is the question Jesus asked the woman caught in adultery.  John 8 records this intense encounter.  Here is this woman, caught (trapped and framed probably) in a horrible sin, dragged through the town and paraded in front of everyone.  She stands there before Jesus Christ, this good teacher who has... Continue Reading →

Simple Christianity

Why is modern Christianity so complicated?  Churches spend money on all kinds of fresh ideas, relevant programmes and innovative strategies. Success is defined by achievement.  Churches have visions to follow and their members have courses to complete.  Church leadership conferences are all about being an influential leader, developing the next great generation of influential leaders... Continue Reading →

What Is Wrong With The Church?

Are you bored with church? Do you wish the church were different? In today's post what I want to do is to let you create some content.  Please post a comment in response to these two questions: What do you think is MOST wrong with the church today? What would you suggest the church do... Continue Reading →

What If It Was All Over?

I typed the title to this post with a particular thought in mind and then realised it could mean all sorts of things!  My easily distracted brain has now taken over with a few questions: What if what was all over?  Like mustard all over the road?  Or like cheese all over the planet? What... Continue Reading →

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