Jesus and Santa Claus

When was the last time you waited up late for a man in a red and white outfit to come down your chimney bearing gifts? If you are like me, then it may have been a while. Most adults do not believe in Santa Claus. They know the truth about how the presents get under... Continue Reading →


Gongoosmos Complaining

Yesterday I wrote about the hardest command in the Bible. "Do everything without complaining or arguing." Today I want to make it a little easier to actually follow this command. I do that by shrinking the size of the command. The word 'complaining' here is not a generic word for complaining in the way we... Continue Reading →

The Bible’s Hardest Command

There are lots of commands in the Bible. Some of them are easy and others are considerably more difficult to follow. For example, there is a command not to boil a kid in its own mother's milk. This has never been a particular struggle for me. There is another command to not covet your neighbour's... Continue Reading →

In The Beginning

Are the events described in the ancient parts of the Bible relevant today? Let me show you what I mean, very quickly, with a simple question: If there is no Creator then are you inherently significant? The Bible begins, rather sublimely I feel, with these words: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the... Continue Reading →

Do the words we sing matter?

People sing when they go to church. Maybe sometimes people skip the singing but it's pretty rare. The congregation gathers, someone says, "Hello" and then the music begins. Some people sing without instruments, some people sing only psalms, some people rap and others sing country music. Everyone sings something, though! Do our words matter? Why sing... Continue Reading →

Only the Living Fight

My youth pastor said something amazingly important to me years ago. He said, "Only the living fight." He and I had been talking about sin and temptation in my life. I struggled with lots of the problems young men struggle with. I still do, by the way. My worry about my sin was causing me... Continue Reading →

Love and Knowledge

Are there people you love as soon as you meet them?  I know a few people who have seemed, right from the start, like good folk.  They are easy to love. There are other people, however, who seem to be the opposite.  They are hard work and loving them requires a special kind of commitment. ... Continue Reading →

Faith and Knowledge

What is faith?  You would think I could answer this very easily since I happen to be "in the faith business."  However, it is not as simple as it seems.  Thankfully, the Bible gives me (and you) a great definition: Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.... Continue Reading →

I Like To Hide

I don't find it easy to admit my shortcomings.  I hide them.  I cover them up.  I am far better than I used to be.  Still, if I have done something wrong, then I do not want you to know.  Let me give you some examples. I am willing to work quite hard at the... Continue Reading →

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