My name, as you may have already realized, is Josh Cordray. To quote Bill Cosby, “I was born when I was very young.” Now, a number of years later, I serve as the Pastor of Oakwood Church in Taunton, England. My wife and I have been married for more than fourteen years. We have six children named John, Micah, Shoshana, Barnabas, Isaac and Luke.

As a pastor in the Apostolic Church, I serve in my local congregation. Preaching is one of my main activities and I like to proclaim the Word of God to people in fresh and relevant ways. There is a lot of strain and unrest in the United Kingdom right now and I am privileged to work as the Parliamentary Liaison Officer for the Apostolic Church as well. In this role I travel into London regularly to meet with people who can help the Apostolic Church to expand its work and influence in the political life of the UK.

Mission and evangelism are a very important part of the Christian life. In the past, I have traveled to Mexico, Ghana, Switzerland, Denmark and Hungary as part of my involvement in mission work. Currently, I am working in partnership with men from both Hungary and Tennessee. Together we hope to grow the Kingdom of God and the Church of God in the USA, the UK and Europe.

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  1. Hi Josh and Elspeth,
    Can you help me? I have a close friend who is currently extremely distressed. I don’t know how to cope and support her. I believe you came to mind + I believe that she would derive comfort from your accent. I don’t know where to turn.hope. I’m going there Sat and feel afraid it may be a volatile situation.
    Many thanks
    From Angie Baker

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