Jesus and Santa Claus

When was the last time you waited up late for a man in a red and white outfit to come down your chimney bearing gifts?

If you are like me, then it may have been a while.

Most adults do not believe in Santa Claus. They know the truth about how the presents get under the trees at Christmas. People who have authorised access to each home put the presents under the trees. I do this for my children and my parents did it for me. We all love it and it is good fun.

We do not set out milk and cookies, though.

What about Jesus? Why should He and Santa Claus be in the same blog title?

Because truth matters.What we believe about the world affects what we expect from the world. This is precisely why adults who do not believe in Santa Claus do not expect a man to come down their chimney on Christmas Eve. What we believe about Jesus also affects what we expect from Jesus.

For example, Jesus healed people. Do we believe Jesus is going to heal everyone? If we believe this, then we will expect Jesus to heal us, or our children, or our grandparents, or our favourite teacher, or our beloved pet. When people get sick and do not get healed then we can end up bitter and disappointed.

Let me give you another example. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. Do we believe Jesus is going to bring everyone out of the grave after just a few days? If we believe this, then we will expect Jesus to resurrect our lost loved ones. Perhaps we will expect Him not to let us die – although we should ask Lazarus about that one.

This little post is not intended to get into exactly what you believe and expect about Jesus. Rather, I want to make a simple point:

Belief matters so be certain you believe the truth.

Jesus actually included this in His teaching. The Great Commandment is to love the Lord God with all of our hearts, our souls, our minds and our strength. We must love God with our minds. That means taking the time to understand things about God. That means putting effort into getting to know God.

The payoff is profound. The reward is remarkable. When we understand more about God then we can love God more. When we know more of God then we can worship more of God.

Ignorance hinders love and worship. Truth fertilises love and worship.

What can you do to learn more?

  • Take the Bible into your mind by reading, listening and meditating.
  • Talk to Christians about God.
  • Challenge your thinking by talking to people who disagree with you.

This week – today even – you could love God with your mind even more.


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