In The Beginning

Are the events described in the ancient parts of the Bible relevant today?

Let me show you what I mean, very quickly, with a simple question:

If there is no Creator then are you inherently significant?

The Bible begins, rather sublimely I feel, with these words: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”  God created it all.  A Person, God, decided everything should be made.  God wanted it all to be created.  God wanted you to be here.

If God is not the Creator then are you inherently significant?  Do you have any value simply because you are here?  This is an important and penetrating question because if you have no inherent value then your significance is only relative to something.

What could be determining your significance?

Your friends.  Maybe you have a lot of Facebook ‘friends.’  This might seem to make you important.  Yet is the opposite really true?  Are people who have few friends on Facebook not important?  Of course not!

Your family.  Mom and Dad love you and their love makes you feel nice and warm inside.  So you are important because your parents/auntie/grandmother/sister/whoever thinks you are the best person on the planet.  What, then, do we make of the people whose families have been shattered by anger or ripped apart through divorce, broken by addictions or crushed by abuse?  Are these people suddenly less valuable?  Of course not!

Well, I say, “Of course not!”  But I say this because human value comes from a source outside of humanity.  God chose to create people because He wanted to do so.  This choice and desire on God’s part gives people value.

How do ancient events meet today’s world?

If God chooses to create people then should we really kill them before they are even born?  If we are uncomfortable saying people are not suddenly less valuable because their parents divorce or their grandparents abuse them, then how can we say people are less valuable simply because their mother makes a choice to abort them?

If God chooses to create people then should we not honor them and strive to give them life and health rather than simply killing them when it all becomes too hard?  Does someone’s ill health make them less valuable to God?  Of course not!  How, then, can we justify allowing them to be murdered – oh, sorry – helped to die rather?

Today’s culture has lost sight of the Kingdom of God.  There is no longer any visible effort made to allow God’s plans and intentions to rule and reign.  Humanity has become the measure of right and wrong.  People have forgotten the first words of the book of Genesis and have lost sight of the implications of God as Creator.  What is the result of this loss?

Without a Creator there is no inherent value in people.  Suddenly, everyone becomes insignificant.  Is that the life you want and the world you want to live in?

Not me.

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