Oceans of Faith

There is a big difference between evidence and proof.  This is why when we look to convict someone of a crime we talk about reasonable doubt.

Faith is not the opposite of knowledge.  Faith is not a refuge built to hide from knowledge that might threaten it.  Some people think this way.  They do not want to study.  They do not want to think.  They do not want to know.  They just want to believe.

Sincere faith has knowledge as part of itself.  Faith is not only knowledge, though.

Imagine someone setting off from the shore in a boat from the coast.  They might set off from Minehead and head into the Atlantic Ocean.  If they wanted to measure the depth of the ocean, how would they do that?  Well, hundreds of years ago people did this in a very simple way.  They took a rock, tied it to some rope and then chucked it over the side.  When the rock stopped going down, then they measured how much of the rope was wet.  That worked!  Up to a point.  It worked when they were close to land.  It worked over the continental shelf.  But if they went to the middle of the ocean it would not work.  They would have needed thousands and thousands of feet of rope.

Now imagine how silly it would be for someone to take a whole bunch of rope, put it into their boat, take an anchor, go into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, throw ithe rope and anchor over the side, not find the bottom and then conclude the ocean has no bottom.  Think about that for a minute.  They would be sitting in their boat in the middle of the ocean, anchor swinging at the end of this very long rope and thinking, “I can’t find the bottom so there must not be a bottom.”  That is a ludicrous conclusion!

It just leads to more questions.  If there is no bottom, then where does the beach stop?  If there is no bottom then what is holding up all of the water?  There must be a bottom.  They just can’t find the bottom with that bit of rope.

This is what some people do when they think about God.  They have a bit of knowledge and they throw it out into this area of thinking.  When they come to the end of their knowledge, not having found God, they conclude He is not there.  That is a ludicrous way of thinking!

Knowledge isn’t the opposite of faith.  Faith isn’t a refuge where we hide from knowledge.  Faith is a choice we make based upon knowledge.

This is an excerpt from the sermon “Sincere Faith.”  To hear the rest of it, please click here.


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