Whom Should We Sacrifice For Peace?

The world is at war.  Nations are viciously fighting other nations.  People are repeatedly victimizing other groups of people.  Families suddenly turn against their own members in the name of religion or morals.  Chaotic riots break out when citizens feel agitated.

Peace is really possible.  Someone will just have to be sacrificed.

Think about such a simple statement for a moment.  Is peace possible without sacrifice?  The clearest answer is negative.  A truce is possible without a sacrifice but a lasting peace is impossible without one side sacrificing its objectives.

Globally, how can peace be achieved between liberal Western culture and conservative Islam?  One side will need to sacrifice its ideology.

Locally, how can peace be achieved in families and neighbourhoods?  One side will need to sacrifice its agenda.

Personally, how can peace be achieved in one’s own heart and mind?  Aspirations will either need to be sacrificed for the sake or laziness or laziness will need to be sacrificed for the sake of those same aspirations.  Where peace is lacking because of guilt then a sacrifice is still required.  Many people sacrifice their time, effort and affection as means to appease their guilt.  Some people choose to sacrifice their consciences in order to make peace with their guilt.

Is there a single possible answer to the title of this post?  Whom should we sacrifice for peace?

We cannot kill enough people to ensure peace.  Surely the 20th Century has tried to teach us this bloody lesson as thoroughly as possible.  Yet we refuse to learn.  Hundreds of millions of people were killed in the 20th Century through warfare and yet war still persists.  Vast sums of money were spent on social welfare in the 20th Century and yet poverty and inequality persist.  Optimism over people’s ability to help themselves has never been higher and yet guilt, disillusionment and suicide still persist.

The one sacrifice that can ensure peace has already been made.  Jesus Christ, the baby in the manger, was brutally executed on a Roman cross in order to bring peace.

Where Christ has been King, peace has reigned.

Some may accuse Christianity of being a global source of wars and violence.  Yet these accusations do not hold up to any great scrutiny at all.  Surely it is easy to see human motives behind the numerous “religious wars.”

Where Christ has been King of families, peace has reigned.

“Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Romans 5:1


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