Simple Christianity

Why is modern Christianity so complicated?  Churches spend money on all kinds of fresh ideas, relevant programmes and innovative strategies. Success is defined by achievement.  Churches have visions to follow and their members have courses to complete.  Church leadership conferences are all about being an influential leader, developing the next great generation of influential leaders and creating a pervasive culture of influence in an awesome, influential, missional, relevant, inspirational, creative, passionate, welcoming, excellent church that is also full of grace, honor, joy, celebration, love, healing and worship.

Yet what is the result? 

Are Christians growing more?

Is the church healthier?

Is the world being confronted with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

On the whole, I think the answer is simply, “No.” Why is so much effort producing so little result?

There is a brilliant little verse in the Bible.  Paul was writing to the Philippians and he said, “Only let us hold true to what we have attained (Php 3:16).” When we have grasped salvation, been taught about obedience and instructed about faithfulness, we should live up to those things.  Everything else becomes more complicated. 

Just live up to what you have already understood.


So when you understand the call to obedience to Christ then follow it.

When the church teaches you to identify yourself with Christ in visible ways then show up as a Christian.

When the church teaches you to integrate yourself into the body of Christ then join the family.

When the church teaches you to invest your life in Christ’s mission then start giving.

There is an old hymn about this.

Trust and obey.

That is simple Christianity.

Trust and obey.


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