What Is Wrong With The Church?

Are you bored with church?

Do you wish the church were different?

In today’s post what I want to do is to let you create some content.  Please post a comment in response to these two questions:

What do you think is MOST wrong with the church today?

What would you suggest the church do to address this issue?

As you can see, I am most interested in the problems and the solutions.  Good posts will become part of a new blog series.  Keep them short and passionate!

Get to writing…


6 thoughts on “What Is Wrong With The Church?

Add yours

  1. Hello Jcorday 🙂

    My Church

    My Church, is sometimes a bit “Old” Old People Old Fashion.. stationary ..
    But it is also why I like it, a feeling of continuity from the first reformer.
    Nearly a Travel In Time. The Organ Music, which is a Delight.

    The Problem still is young people, I can Understand that there is a boring sentiment from them.

    Why don’t they relate ?
    1) They haven’t been told all of what have done, to get the right to be Protestant and to sing those old song…and have this simpler way less ritualistic, then the Catholics..
    My Guess they’ll be boring there too..

    2) Times have change, and they need like to participate in a sort of Christian Show, and then they come by big numbers..

    But then it is me, who won’t recognize my Church, and the Peace it bring me, and to be in line of The Reform.

    The Solution be, to keep busy those Youngster, give them their show once a while..and might be mixed Old and Young…


  2. Religiosity- Trying to cultivate our own righteousness when we have none off our own- Christ is our only salvation. Even those who reject works as a means of justification can still fall into a pattern of action that might suggest they are somewhat prideful about their sanctity. We all, especially those who love the intellectual challenge of the bible, can fall into the the same trap of the Pharisees, presuming ourselves in God’s favour because we follow the letter of the law and not the heart behind it. This occurs to the point that we argue over whether babies should receive communion whilst there are hungry to be fed and sinners to be saved.

    Addressing this issue? Humble ourselves, repent of our pride. Getting all who need to to do this is the problem. I don’t have the answer.

  3. As a young housebound Christian my biggest issue with Church is the focus on Sunday morning worship at the exclusion of so many people who for whatever reason (because of age, illness or the fact they are shift-workers) are unable to attend. The biblical model of church is one of community that stretches far beyond formal worship into every area of our lives. The role of the church should be to equip its members to worship God through their entire lives not just in church buildings on a Sunday morning, and to support each other in our own particular abilities and circumstances. We can only do this this listening to one another, valuing one another, showing hospitality and compassion, and sharing our lives through the entire week as well as on a Sunday. Until this issue is addressed Church will only ever meet the needs of a small percentage of Christians.

  4. It always boils down to lifting manmade traditions above God’s word. Jesus is the revelation of the word. Only the Spirit can reveal this word (Jesus) to us. Most people have NO idea that church was being corrupted by paganism even in the APOSTLE’S time. This may make you insecure but it is the truth.

    1. I do not feel insecure about this at all. Of course, you have not really said too much. For example, what are these traditions you are talking about? If Jesus is the word of God then how do you understand the bible as the word of God? If the Spirit is the only thing that can reveal Jesus to us then what do you make of the bible ad the revelation of God? Furthermore, what does any of that have to do with church?

      1. I meant that it makes ME and most people insecure when they start to honestly remove the scales from our eyes and realize that pagan tradition mixed very early in the new testament church.

        One example is the hierarchy of leaders who are on a higher level with God than the laity. Read Ignatius. He has caused untold grief in the church by lifting the BISHOP (pastor, elders) above the laity.

        Jesus stated in no uncertain terms “IT SHALL NOT BE SO AMONG YOU.” When people came to Jesus for healing they did not come through his disciples. They did not here sermons from a high and lifted up UNDERSHEPERD.

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