William and Kate versus Richard and Sam

Huh?  That is perhaps what a lot of people will think when they read this title.

Of course, it is headline news that William and Kate have had a baby boy.  The headlines are huge and the attention is massive.  The speculation about his name will only grow until they tell the world what they have called him.  I think the best suggestion so far has come from an African friend of mine:

“I think they should give him an African name and watch the reporters struggle for decades.”

I like it!

But who are Richard and Sam and why should they compete with William and Kate?

I refer to Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, two very prominent atheists.  Dawkins is best known for his work on evolution and Harris is best known for his book, “End of Faith.”  How can these two compete with a baby prince?

So, now it is time for a simple question:

What is the most important thing?

Today, in looking at the news I have seen articles about the bankruptcy of Detroit, the true nature of the Benghazi attacks, the E.U.’s condemnation of Hezbollah, William and Kate’s birth announcement, oil production in the Western States and celebrities who look terrible without makeup and other celebrities who never seem to age.

Here’s looking at you Gwyneth Paltrow and John Stamos!

Oh yes, I should say, “Congratulations Will and Kate!”

The most important thing, however, is our relationship to God.  Are we saved by the grace of God through our faith in Jesus Christ, His Son?  This is where Richard and Sam come in.  These two, as spokesmen for the New Atheist movement, are actively working to destroy faith in God.

Today I have read four other articles:

Real Dino Skin Found!

Gender Confusion

Geneticist says, “Evolution is Impossible”

Alligators are Dinos?

These four articles – and hundreds more – will never make the news because they point people towards the truth.  There is a God and the most important thing is to fear Him, love Him and obey Him.

Will and Kate must surely be pleased today and I am pleased for them.  Yet I also wish we could see really important news on the news…


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