What If It Was All Over?

I typed the title to this post with a particular thought in mind and then realised it could mean all sorts of things!  My easily distracted brain has now taken over with a few questions:

  • What if what was all over?  Like mustard all over the road?  Or like cheese all over the planet?
  • What if it was all over what?  Like ice cream all over a hot dog?  Or like ice cream all over my car?

Now I have let my brain run along for a little bit, let me come back to what was first in my head.  A simple question:

What if Jesus came back for the Church today?  What if your time on earth was all over?

My House Group has been going through a little series called “Revelation Milestones” and so we have been talking about things like the Rapture, the Second Coming, the Great Tribulation, the Great White Throne Judgment and the Beast, the AntiChrist, the False Prophet and so on.  It’s good fun!

For example, last night one person asked this question: “If one person lying in the bed will be taken at the Rapture and the other person will be left behind how can you be sure you or your spouse are not left behind?”  A very simple answer:

Hold hands.  Spoon.  Whatever keeps you together for eternity!

Okay, on perhaps a more serious note, think through the question.  If Jesus returned today, would you go away with him as a Christian?  Would you be left behind because, while you think you know Jesus, Jesus does not know you?

At the end of it all, my final words last night were simple.  Be ready.  Be on God’s side.

Good advice?


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