Pastor’s News: Abortionists Murder by Neglect

This morning, rather than writing a lengthy blog post, I am posting a couple of items here which form part of my daily news subscriptions.  This post contains links to two articles and video.  Be warned that the videos, while not visually graphic, are heartrending in their revelation of the inhumanity of some people.

Flush the baby down the toilet.

We would not help the baby.

Where is the church’s outcry about abortion?  By any definition, this is murder.

The church has fought against abortion twice before and now it should be in its third round.  In Roman times, infanticide was a commonly acknowledged practice.  I quote here from the book Third Time Around by George Grant:

According to the centuries old tradition of paterfamilias, the birth of a Roman was not a biological fact.  Infants were received into the world only as the family willed.  A Roman did not have a child; he took a child.  Immediately after birthing, if the family decided not to raise the child – literally, lifting him above the earth – he was simply abandoned.  There were special high places or walls where the newborn was taken and exposed to die.

Is there any conceivable difference between the Roman method of infanticide by exposure and that advocated by the abortionist who would refuse – in spite of his legal obligations – to do all that he could to help a baby survive?

Where, then, is the church’s outcry against these murders?


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