Horrible People

Matthew Warren committed suicide last week.  Matthew is the son of Rick and Kay Warren, who are the leaders of Sadddleback Church in America.  Rick’s teaching has been spread very widely through books like “The Purpose Driven Life” and has proved to be both popular and divisive.

Some people have speculated about the nature of Matthew’s mental illness and the ultimate cause for his suicide.  There are rumors about his sexual orientation.  His father gets blamed for being overly religious.  Both parents get blamed for allowing a gun in his home (although he was 27 years old and lived on his own).

How can people be so horrible?  Read here a few comments posted on news websites and then see my own comments below.  You may be first disgusted and then aggrieved.

These people getting filthy rich from holding themselves up as paragons of familial perfection and godliness should take note. Get your OWN house in order before telling other people what God wants their family to look like!

A lesson here? yeah, keep guns away from the offspring of high profile evangelical freakin’ deacons.

No, Elena, the cruel one is Pastor Rick, whose homophobic beliefs couched in religion provide encouragement and cover for the gay genocide in Africa and around the world. Looks like the gods are angry at his antics. It is called karma.

Warren’s quick oddly thorough statement I’m guessing is because his son WASN’T mentally ill, more probably he was GAY and through lack of acceptance from this lovely and completely hypocritical “pastor”, his son took his life. So much for the solace of finding acceptance in religion.

There is a very simple way to view this death.  It is a tragedy for the Warren family.  No parents wants a child to commit suicide and it is safe to say that Rick and Kay are grieving right now and will be hurting for some time.

The above comments were not identified as Christian or non-Christian.  I hope none of them came from people who identify themselves as Christians.  The Christian response in the face of suffering should always be empathy, sympathy and help.  That is the point of the parable of the Good Samaritan and is the example of the life of Christ Himself.

May God deliver us from horrible people!


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  1. “There is a very simple way to view this death. It is a tragedy for the Warren family. No parents wants a child to commit suicide and it is safe to say that Rick and Kay are grieving right now and will be hurting for some time.”

    and it would be typical of the christian mindset to view this issue ‘simply’. there is another way to look at it which is that an innocent life has tragically ended due to the disgusting teachings of an organisation which claims to be the path of moral righteousness in this world. that a victimless activity such as loving someone of the same sex has been so demonised by an irrational, hateful religion leading not only to more public suicides like this but repeatedly throughout history.

    i directly mentioned examples like this in your last homophobic rant

    “The only victims of homosexuality have been those who have had to deny or hide their homosexuality or those who have been persecuted for it – by religious people for religious reasons. ”

    and here we see the consequences of the hatred and intolerance of you and your church again. ‘love’ is preached but isnt practiced – this is a recurring theme within the chuch…it’s all talk, no action.

    but again we see you condemning the ‘horrible people’ who speak out against the church and point out the bigotry and hatred preached by christians which leads to tragedies like this while seemingly absolving the christian faith of any responsibility for what happened here.

    the horrible people are not the ones speaking out against bigotry, hatred, hypocrisy and homophobia – the horrible people are the bigots like yourself who perpetuate and preach intolerance but then shrug off responsibility when there are inevitable fatal repercussions. it’s insulting to read of how the correct response for a christian here is ’empathy’ – where is the empathy in the dozens of blog posts slating homosexuals and demanding they not have equal rights because or your intolerance?

  2. You overstretch again.

    To begin with, there is no evidence – NONE – which suggests Matthew Warren was homosexual. All of the rhetoric about this has been pure speculation and nothing more. Further comments about Matthew Warren’s sexual orientation will not be permitted on this blog unless there is something factual to speak about.

    It is very easy for people to talk so big in front of a computer. The reality some of the rest of us have to deal with is the graveside, the crematorium and the coffin. I have been the minister at the funeral of a precious little girl who died at the age of nine. What could have been said to her family? Despite having a long list of things in my head, what I conveyed to them, hopefully, was only sympathy, as much understanding as I could possess without bearing a similar pain and the possibility for future help. This is the simplicity which should be the goal right now.

    Yes, I think, without any shame, that people who speak in such hateful, despicable ways about a family in the midst of their grief are acting in a horrible fashion. Regardless of their life circumstances, were I to be with ANY parents whose child had just committed suicide I would speak no judgment on them or their child. People who do otherwise are acting in a horrible way which reveals where the real bigotry, intolerance and hatred lie.

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