Obama’s Broken Logic and Dangerous “Truth”

How could I let the inauguration of BO pass without comment?  He makes it laughably easy to point out the problems with his views!

The big idea today is that BO is not capable of viewing some things with any real sense of logic other than a contrived “political logic.”  His “logic” seems to be aimed at blinding people to the nature of his agenda so that enough people will vote for him.

Here is the greatest example, in BO’s own words:

We, the people, declare today that the most evident of truths – that all of us are created equal – is the star that guides us still; just as it guided our forebears through Seneca Falls, and Selma, and Stonewall; just as it guided all those men and women, sung and unsung, who left footprints along this great Mall, to hear a preacher say that we cannot walk alone; to hear a King proclaim that our individual freedom is inextricably bound to the freedom of every soul on Earth.

I hope you can already spot some of the problems here!

  • If we the people are created equal then who did the creating?  As soon as the word created is used then one must begin to answer this question.  Who created people?  There are two broad answers: either some form of supernatural being or natural processes.  If the belief of BO is that people evolved through a natural process of genetic mutation (not very likely) then the notion that all people are created is nonsense.  Equally, given naturalism, it is also nonsense to assert that all people are equal.  Obviously the natural process has favored the strong or most well-adapted.  This must mean that some are better than others.  If BO holds to the view that people are created and are created equal then he must hold to the view that people are created by some form of supernatural being.  Yet belief in a Creator would require obedience to the Creator’s rules.  So which Creator does BO believe in?  Whose rules does he intend to follow?
  • If Obama wants to name drop and insert Martin Luther King, Jr.’s beliefs into his speech then he is welcome to do so.  However, the brokenness of this logic is readily apparent.  King was an ordained minister in the Baptist Church and possessed multiple theology degrees.  It is unlikely that he would be in support of the LGBT and homophile movement.  This is not an easy question to answer as he never spoke out about the issue at all.  He is only on record answering, in writing, a question from a homosexual boy in a magazine column.  Yet in that column, the only evidence we have from MLK himself, he refers to the boy’s homosexual feelings as a problem he is glad the boy is on the way to solving.  Obama wants the moral high ground of being associated with Martin Luther King, Jr. without having to take on the rest of his beliefs.  This is a twisted political logic!
  • Obama ended this little segment with a reference to the souls of people.  Yet where do souls come from?  If Obama has a view which includes humans having souls then he should explain where these souls come from.  He has not done so either explicitly or by a clear association with any organized religion.  While he claims to be a Christian, his policies and twisted political logic make this a hard claim to take seriously.

The really profoundly disturbing thing is Obama’s language about truth itself.  He said “the most evident of truths … is the star that guides us still.”  Wow.

The broken logic of this of course is revealed by a simple question:

Where did this truth come from?

The disturbing thing is that Obama does not seem to have an answer.  If it is from the Bible then this truth would require a different stance on homosexuality.  As horrible as that might sound to some, the alternatives are even worse.

The most likely alternative is that truth is determined by Obama himself in response to whatever will get him elected and allow him to pursue his agenda.  Yet to follow this version of truth is to follow a mere man.  Perhaps we could be generous and say that Obama is simply accepting as true the things which most Americans hold to be true.

Except this is not true either.  Most Americans oppose homosexual marriage.  Most Americans opposed Obamacare.  Most Americans oppose more gun control.

So if truth for Obama does not come from the majority then where does it come from?  It must then come from a minority.  Which minority is promoting this kind of truth?

The reality is that, for the health of America, it does not matter.  As soon as truth becomes defined by any minority we are all in trouble.  Truth should be something which is external to humanity and so is recognized and not formulated.  This would make truth objective, unchanging and genuinely helpful.

When the idea of what is true can be manipulated by individual people or by minority groups then the path is clear for all kinds of offensive things to be labeled as true.  For example:

  • Why should it not be true that fetuses with disabilities should be aborted?  A minority of people already believe and practice this kind of abortion for this very reason.
  • Why should marriage be restricted two consenting adults and not be open to multiple spouses, child spouses and animal spouses?  A minority of people already believe and practice this kind of marriage.
  • Why should the elderly and disabled not be murdered for the sake of cost and convenience in the name of compassion?  A minority of people already believe and practice this kind of euthanasia.

If truth is determined by a minority preference – or even a majority preference – then the path to all sorts of horrible things becomes clear.

This is Obama’s broken logic.  He thinks equality means equal rights for all people yet he does not ask where those rights come from.  His logic is flawed because his thought process is incomplete.

Quite possibly this is also Obama’s dangerous truth.  He is promoting an agenda which claims to be on the side of truth yet defines truth in any way it wishes.  History – even the past 100 years – reveals the danger in politically motivated truth.


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