Am I A Conspiracy Theorist? Or Is Evolution Really True?

Recently, in a comment on one of my other posts, I was called a conspiracy theorist.  Is that what I am? 

Generally, as the comment implied, conspiracy theorists are crazy and meet strange ends when their demise arrives.

The reason for calling me a conspiracy theorist is that I reject evolution as a valid explanation of how life originated and arrived at its current form on this planet.  In particular, the claim is often made that the vast majority of scientists support the idea that evolution is a proven natural law.  Since I reject the view of the majority then I must be a conspiracy theorist who believes the scientists are covering something up.

Here is the problem with such an accusation:

One must prove it in order to make it stick.

Can it be proven that evolution is a natural law?  What about the evidence – and there are piles of it – that evolution simply cannot account for the things we observe today?  What about the philosophical and logical problems inherent in naturalism?

Here are a few links on the matter from Creation Ministries International.  All of these are produced by genuine, certified scientists and researchers.

“Evolution Is True Science and Not Just a Theory”

Laws of Information

And from a different source:

Secular Humanism – What Is It?

These are just a few articles which point in the same direction as my own beliefs.

Of course, that is rather convenient for me!

Still, I challenge those who want to disagree to disagree with the evidence and the interpretation rather than simply calling names and implying my mental deficiencies.

For the Christians out there, please learn to recognize this strategy for what it is.  When someone no longer has a useful reply or a compelling argument then that person will resort to the tactic of appealing to some unseen authority.  This is precisely the point of the claim that evolution is believed by most scientists.  This is merely a deflection away from the problems of evolution as a hypothesis.


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