The Immediacy of the Islamic Threat

Is Islam a threat?

Even asking this question will generate a lot of irritation, angry protests and soothing platitudes from some political figures or well-meaning people who view all religions as simply neutral and forces for good.  How could Islam possibly be a threat when a belief in God or Allah helps people to find solace, comfort and meaning for life?

Islam is different from every other religion in one major way:

Belief in the Islamic worldview spawns violence around the world.

Of course, I must now add the caveat that not every Muslim is violent.  Why should I tarnish a whole religion because of the actions of “a tiny minority of people who misunderstand Islam?”

To be sure, it is true that not every Muslim is violent.  This is a logical and true statement.  Yet this does not let Islam escape the accusation of breeding violence and terrorism.  To think that it does is facile and not really a sound way of thinking.  Imagine changing the ideology for a moment.  What if I were to say that not all Nazis committed horrible murders and war crimes so the Nazi ideology should not be vilified and accused of being destructive?  Most people would strongly disagree with me!  We might even have some serious questions for those people who do not disagree…

There is the problem with speaking accurately about Islam.  Because it is a religion it seems to have a kind of respectability which puts it beyond criticism in the eyes of some people.

Is it true that the people who commit violence in the name of Islam or who understand Islam as promoting jihad against non-Muslims are in the minority?

Have a little moment to think about these questions:

If Islam really is a religion of peace then why is it consistently cited as the motivation behind terrorist attacks?

If Islam is really a religion of peace then why is there more anger over a few cartoons than there is over the hijacking of a religion in order to justify the murder of people?

Here are some statistics which will demonstrate, rather vividly I think, the point I am making:

In the week from January 5th to January 11th there were 37 jihad attacks committed in the name of Allah or Islam.  209 people died in these attacks and a further 358 people were critically injured.

In the month of December 2012 there were 203 jihad attacks committed in the name of Allah or Islam.  680 people died in these attacks and a further 1160 people were critically injured.

Since September 11th, 2001 there have been 20,231 attacks committed in the name of Allah or Islam.  This works out to about four or five attacks per day.  

Now, try to imagine for a moment the sort of outcry there would be if Christians, Jews or some other group were attacking people four or five times every single day.    It would be front page news in every country around the world.

For contrast, consider the scandals and controversies surrounding Terry Jones, the Pastor of Dove World Outreach Center.  He made world news for weeks for announcing his plans to burn the Qu’ran.  He and several other people did burn copies of the Qu’ran on April 28th, 2012.  The British Home Secretary, Teresa May, banned Terry Jones from entering the UK on January 20th, 2011.  On the very same day there were nine separate attacks committed in the name of Islam or Allah and 73 people died in these attacks.  To put his in perspective, more people were killed by people claiming to follow Allah in one day than there are people who claim to follow Terry Jones in total.

Clearly, belief in Islam motivates people to commit horrible murders and atrocities.  The numbers speak for themselves.

Is this an immediate threat?

With an average number of attacks of four or five per day, why should this not be considered an immediate threat?

For more information, please have a look at this great website:

The Religion Of Peace


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