Eyes Wide Shut

How can you know the things you believe are, in fact, correct?

If you are a Christian, you may believe some things which are distinctly different from what other people choose to believe.  For example, I am a Christian and so my way of looking at the world is radically different from an atheist’s worldview.  Richard Dawkins and I have virtually nothing in common in our worldviews.

Of course, the same is true from the other perspective.  Atheists differ from Jews, Muslims and Hindus in their worldview.  In the light of all of these differences, how can you know you believe the correct thing?

Well, certain knowledge may not be entirely possible but some worldviews should be eliminated as being untrue.

Atheism is one of them.

One of the tests of a worldview or even a general statement is its explanatory power.  What this means is we can test a statement or a story by how well it explains the facts we see.  Let me illustrate this in my own family.

We have three boys now.  Two of them are old enough to play and get really, really active.  Just the day before yesterday they were playing together upstairs.  My wife and I, sitting on our couch downstairs, could hear all sorts of loud bumps, knocks and noises.  So my wife shouted and asked them what must be one of the word’s most common questions mothers ask:

“Boys, what are you doing?”

What was their answer?  Being boys, you may already know it:


Here is the test for truth using a statement’s explanatory power.  Their statement (rephrased a bit) “Mother, we are not doing anything,” does not adequately explain the facts we are observing in the form of loud bumps, knocks and noises.  Clearly, they must be doing something.  As it turns out, they were making tent houses using every blanket and piece of furniture they could relocate to fulfill their grand design.

We would prefer them to have been doing nothing I think.

Now, let me come back to the title of this post.  Last night I watched an episode of Lie To Me, which is one of my favorite programs.  In this episode a man is dying and is avoiding facing the truth about one of his friends.  Dr. Lightman asks him a very simple question:

“Do you want to just go quietly without knowing the truth or would you rather die with your eyes wide open?”

I don’t want you to die today!  But I do want you to live with your eyes wide open.  Too many people refuse to even ask hard questions.  They shut their eyes as hard as they can in order to avoid the work of thinking.

What prompted this thought was an article I read this morning on creation.com about the world’s population.  This article asks a very simple question in its title:

Where are all the people?

The basic idea here is that if the atheistic account of the origins of man through Darwinian natural selection is true then there is a big problem.  As an explanation, naturalistic evolution does not explain all of the facts.  Consider this quote:

Evolutionists claim that mankind evolved from apes about a million years ago. If the population had grown at just 0.01% per year since then (doubling only every 7,000 years), there could be 1043 people today—that’s a number with 43 zeros after it. This number is so big that not even the Texans have a word for it!

Do you see how explanatory power is a test for truth?  The position of evolutionists is such that their “explanation” simply brings up more and more questions.  Just for reference, the population growth rate you read above (0.01%) is 170 TIMES LOWER than the population growth rate of the world right now.

Are Christians really the ones who need to be excused for hiding behind blind faith?  I think not.

Perhaps another quote will make the case even stronger:

Evolutionists also claim there was a ‘Stone Age’ of about 100,000 years when between one million and 10 million people lived on Earth. Fossil evidence shows that people buried their dead, often with artifacts—cremation was not practiced until relatively recent times (in evolutionary thinking). If there were just one million people alive during that time, with an average generation time of 25 years, they should have buried 4 billion bodies, and many artifacts. If there were 10 million people, it would mean 40 billion bodies buried in the earth. If the evolutionary timescale were correct, then we would expect the skeletons of the buried bodies to be largely still present after 100,000 years, because many ordinary bones claimed to be much older have been found.  However, even if the bodies had disintegrated, lots of artifacts should still be found.

There it is again: an explanation, a story, which simply raises more questions than it provides answers for.

How should Christians live in the world?

Yesterday’s post was about humility and so we should certainly not begin crowing about how stupid some of these alternative explanations look.  Neither should we cower in a corner somewhere as if Christianity and the Bible are fragile things which will be blown away by the first blast of hot air from some atheistic talking head’s mouth.

Consider this verse from the Bible:

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.  -2 Timothy 1:7

We do not need to be timid as if God calls us all to be lambs to the slaughter.  Instead, we should be full of power – the ability and drive to get stuff done.  We should be pursuing love all of the time for the good of all people and the glory of God.  We can be self-controlled and so not given to running from the fight when it comes to us nor starting battles with no potential value.

Today, do not live with your eyes wide shut.  Open them and ask questions.  God will not be hurt!

Richard Dawkins might be though…


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    1. Well The Swiss Defence League is born Out Of The Luton Waking Up in 2009 :

      Luton March 10th 2009 Returning Soldiers Abused by Muslims

      Luton patriots show revulsion at the abuse of soldiers’ homecoming parade

      But did adapt to The Swiss Particularities

      Members are from different backgrounds, and have different reasons to be a part of This Citizen Movement.
      Different level of Awareness of Islam, for some directly affect their family.
      Not All are Christians or Jews, the most active are actually ex or Muslim Background.
      But The Swiss Defence League DEFEND The Judeo-Christian Heritage Alive in Switzerland and Stand That It Be Kept In Its Central Place, With The Respect of Atheist who got the right to be so inside that same heritage.

      And This Very Freedom here is a Demand From Swiss Muslim Council, of Which at first sound fair, but Islam is not like any religion once it has Step In, their demand grows until they prevail and what was ..is no more!

      So Have To Be Very Vigilant with All Those Matters And Be Active, To Stop Our Islamization Pure And Simple.

      That Mean Politically, Socially, Religiously and in all where Islam Try To Step In.
      Inform The People, and we have around us so many example of what NOT TO DO.
      That it is rather easy to freeze the Expansion, But Still That Expansion exist and grow, until our democratic system itself will turn against all this work.
      Meanwhile The Knowledge Of The Jihad Against The West Must Be Spread That No One Is Taken By Surprise, in what sound nice and kind, but actually turn to be a very sharpen knife.

      In the Time Of Constantine Christians Were Slaughtered but In Hoc Signo Vinces He Took The Sign Of The Cross and Win Over Rome and change History, Today If No One Stand Up we will rather quickly find ourselves within a new Arena ..Like Christians In Irak, In Turkey, In Egypt in all and every Country Were ISLAM PREVAIL !


      Lest We Forget Those Who Were Not There, Those Families In Mourning


  1. Why do you conflate Atheism and evolution? You may not agree with Atheism but evolution is a proven fact, accepted by almost all scientists. Also the reason there hasn’t been an explosion in world population is that for centuries the world population didn’t grow. The death rate (from war, disease, famine etc) was so high that there was no population increase, so assuming a constant rate of growth from the stone age is incorrect.

    1. Should Atheism be conflated with evolution? Perhaps not. Someone might be an atheist who rejected evolution. I have simply not met this person yet.

      Is evolution an accepted fact? No, it is not. The article I linked to shows you why. Your criticism does not reflect well on you as it was answered by the article itself. The assumed rate of growth was not a constant but an average. This is what makes room for famines, wars and the like. The idea that the population really didn’t grow for a long time is pure nonsense.

      1. Yes all Atheists believe in evolution but not everyone who knows evolution is a fact is an Atheist. In fact most modern Churches have reluctantly accepted evolution (I know the Catholic Church has, I cannot speak for your church).

        I did not read the article before initially commenting because creation.com is a joke of website that is no more scientific than fortune telling. Having seen the article its even more preposterous and ridiculous than I imagined. It is a shrine to wishful thinking and pseudo-science.

        “The idea that the population really didn’t grow for a long time is pure nonsense.”
        If you look at the chart of world population, you will see an essentially flat line (with occassional slight rises and falls) before exponentially growing after the Industrial Revolution). You won’t find that on creation.com, but then again it is a fact.

        Also you shouldn’t be so friendly with Swiss Defence League, a quick glance at their blog shows its full of hatred for Muslims and reminds me of the Fascist groups in the UK.

      2. Eyes Wide Shut… But Open Eyes On Fascism… None Of That On The Blog !
        Never Was, Never Will Be !

        Thanks to say who should be friend or not with me lol That’s Fascist !

        And Yes We Are At War With Islam… If You Didn’t Know listen to some Imam and what future they have in mind for us.. Totalitarism ! Submission !

        May The Lord Have Mercy On You, and Open, Wide Open, Your Eyes..


        Muhammad’s Own Words :

        And If I’m not welcome anymore tell me, I’m not here to bother …Brother !

      3. I have removed one comment already and can remove others. What will not be tolerated here is simple slander. Everyone is welcome provided they can engage with ideas and arguments rather than simply being disrespectful to other people.

        For myself, I think there is a potentially large problem with Islamic rule. Undeniably, violence perpetrated in the name of Islam is greater in scope, ferocity and lethality than that committed currently – or ever – in the name of any other religion. Perhaps, as some people suggest, those who commit violence in the name of Islam simply misunderstand the teachings of Islam. I think this is unlikely to be true.

        Still, anyone who can talk, debate, argue or contribute is welcome here. Comments made about your ideas are valid. Comments made about you as a person or your grammar are not welcome. Your grammar is probably a function of your willingness to write in a second language and I appreciate that willingness. Besides which, the person who made the accusation is not an awful lot better…

      4. The issue of evolution is far from settled simply because the data and the evidence does not give the support to evolution which evolution requires. To call creation.com a joke is laughable in itself. Ridicule is not a way of winning an argument nor does it engage with the ideas being presented. Can you demonstrate your accusation? Because from what I see, the multiple authors writing for creation.com have many scientific degrees between them. These are validated degrees from accredited, secular universities. To dismiss their work as “no more scientific than fortune telling” without any evaluation of it is nonsense.

        I have spent a little while looking at various charts of the world’s population just this morning. What is striking about them is that there are few data points prior to the Greek and Roman Empires. Much of what goes before is an estimate based upon the assumptions of the people who are making the guess. The long timeline of history that atheists put forward says that modern man evolved something like a million years ago. Here is the quote from creation.com. Do you disagree with the math or just the outcome?

        Evolutionists claim that mankind evolved from apes about a million years ago. If the population had grown at just 0.01% per year since then (doubling only every 7,000 years), there could be 10^43 people today—that’s a number with 43 zeros after it. This number is so big that not even the Texans have a word for it! To try to put this number of people in context, say each individual is given ‘standing room only’ of about one square metre per person. However, the land surface area of the whole Earth is ‘only’ 1.5 x 10^14 square metres. If every one of those square metres were made into a world just like this one, all these worlds put together would still ‘only’ have a surface area able to fit 10^28 people in this way. This is only a tiny fraction of 10^43 (10^29 is 10 times as much as 10^28, 10^30 is 100 times, and so on). Those who adhere to the evolutionary story argue that disease, famine and war kept the numbers almost constant for most of this period, which means that mankind was on the brink of extinction for most of this supposed history. This stretches credulity to the limits.

        Now, again I ask, do you disagree with the math or just the outcome?

  2. Hello,

    “””Also you shouldn’t be so friendly with Swiss Defence League, a quick glance at their blog shows its full of hatred for Muslims and reminds me of the Fascist groups in the UK.”””

    It is That Judgment that could not, not having a reaction from my part.
    That Judgment is made without knowing that my blog explore various things.
    I know of Extreme Right, I know sometimes I’m on the Thin Line, but A Line There IS :

    “”“Nationalism is not to be confused with Patriotism. By ‘Patriotism’ I mean devotion to a particular place and particular way of life, which one believes to be the best in the world but has no wish to force it on other people. Patriotism is of its nature defensive, both military and culturally. Nationalism, on the other hand, is inseparable from the desire for power.””” George Orwell

    It is this particular moment there are a lot of Christians dying under Islam, there is like a pick , and I’m very angry.. also that reactions are not there to put in place protection of the Population.. So he is right but it is more anger then hatred.. hatred bring you nowhere, just put you on similar level then the ones you are up against.

    And so It Goes For Mr Nielsen.. the disrespect did bring an anger not a hate, and pity because the world is full of all sort of fascinating people, that are different then you, a step back before judgment could have spare all this..

    God Bless You Jcordray.


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