Murder in the Family

Families are getting smaller here in the UK.  The percentage of single-child families has gone up according to the Office of National Statistics.  Families with more than two children are on the decline.

I guess our family is in the minority!

Why are families getting smaller?  There could be a huge number of reasons and the pressure from society to have a smaller family is surely one of the reasons.

Of course, there is an obvious answer as well:

Babies are being murdered.

In 2011 there were nearly 190,000 abortions committed in the UK due to “Ground C.”  Ground C is the reason for an abortion which states: “the pregnancy has not exceeded its twenty-fourth week and that the continuance of the pregnancy would involve risk, greater than if the pregnancy were terminated, of injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman.”  Why were these babies murdered?

Because of the mental health of the mother.  I quote from the government’s own report (found here):

“The vast majority (99.96%) of ground C only terminations were reported as being performed because of a risk to the woman’s mental health.”

Families are getting smaller because potential members of families are simply being killed before they are ever born.

Perhaps some people think this is a good thing.  “Families are under real strain and pressure just now,” they say.  “Raising children costs more and more these days,” they mutter.  “We have to protect the planet and use less resources,” they proclaim.


My family is under strain.  Raising my children costs me more and more every single week.  I do want to protect the planet and use less resources.

Murder is still wrong.

Murder for the sake of convenience is, if such a thing is possible, even more wrong.

Let me take this to the absurd for a moment and demonstrate the problems with the three statements given above.  These are pretty common objections to people having more children and so I will lampoon them now.  All of them appear absurd if I simply suggest murdering our oldest child instead of our unborn child.  Observe:

  • Our family is under real strain due to the economy and the stress of our culture.  All of this pressure seems to come from trying to provide some generally accepted standard of living for my kids.  Yet my oldest son is the one most likely to demand the latest toy or the next coolest gadget.  If I kill him then the pressure to conform will be less!
  • Raising my kids costs me more and more every week.  Food and clothing never go down in price.  My oldest son eats the most and he is going to grow out of his clothes soon.  No one gives us very much clothing for five and six year old children.  If I just kill him then we will need less food and we can keep the clothing we already have to recycle it for the future!
  • We want to use less resources and take care of the planet.  Our oldest son eats the most, goes to the toilet loads, uses more electricity by reading with the lights on and drinks more Coke in horrible plastic bottles.  If we just killed him then all of this use of resources would go away!

What is the problem with this solution?  It would be wrong and murder for me to kill my son!

Let me be very clear: I do not want to or intend to kill any of my children.

So here is the question:

Why is it not okay for me to kill my oldest son but it is okay for me to kill an unborn child?  The problems and complaints people commonly use to justify their abortions are answered better by getting rid of older children.  Why abortion?

What we have is murder in the family.

When will this murder in the family strike at the older generations or the ill and diseased people?

Oh, wait….

Problems with Euthanasia


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