Genesis: God or Someone Smaller?

I am carrying on answering some of the objections people have to a literal reading of Genesis.  One of the overarching themes of these objections is a confusion about who we are actually talking about.  So people say, “This could not happen because…”

Christians assert that God is a sufficient cause for everything.  God is all-powerful and thus He can do a whole lot of things which seem to be not normal, impossible or just plain tricky.

Here is one of these objections and an answer to it:

“Lets presume you mean the first chapter. Firstly God separates light from darkness. This is scientifically impossible as darkness by definition is the absence of light therefore it is impossible for the 2 of them to be mixed.”

First, let’s be clear about what the text  claims to say.  God did not separate light from darkness as if they were mixed together.  The text is nowhere near this specific.  This is claiming a problem where none exists.

Second, the problem is easily resolved by pointing out that God, being all-powerful, could simply exclude part of the new creation from receiving His light at certain times.  This would then produce darkness due to the absence of light.  God simply stops lighting up some areas and thus darkness is produced.

Now, to be clear, the text says God created light.  What is implied by this is that God created, in these moments, not just light but also space – the earth and the heavens.  God made a space and then He lit up this space.  At specific times, decided by God, the light in this space was ‘turned off.’  This separated the light from the darkness by the decision of God.  These decisions came as ‘days’ and ‘nights.’

The problem probably comes from a rejection of the existence of God rather than the text itself.  If someone decides to think God is not real then the entire Bible becomes one long contradiction.  However, if the God of the Bible is real then the worldview produced with this foundation does not contain these contradictions.  Trying to impose a different worldview on the Bible will generate enormous amounts of contradictions but this is not a genuine way to deal with the Bible.

If God is real then the Bible makes complete sense.


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