Would Jesus Spank a Child?

Here is a video from John Piper which is well worth watching even if you do not have children:

I found this video to be fantastic for two reasons:

1.)  The explanation of why someone should spank their children as part of a biblical way of raising children is brilliant.  Does the Bible require us to discipline our children?  Yes!  Absolutely!  Please hear his qualifications of this action as well.  He is not, and I am not, condoning abuse of any kind.  Children should be cherished as gifts from God and they should never, ever be abused. Here is what he says: “[Spanking] is a measured deliverance of a non-damaging act of mild pain that makes the child feel the seriousness of what he’s done.  It is not beating.”

2.)  Piper is also great at pointing out the thinking behind the question.  “Does God bring pain into our lives?”  While the answer, from the Bible, must be affirmative our modern Christian culture tends to reject this premise.  The preachers who preach a Prosperity Gospel certainly do not talk about God’s discipline and God’s testing.  Yet many, more moderate Christians avoid the idea of God bringing pain into our lives as well.  How do some Christians make tough decisions?  They follow some feeling of ‘peace.’  How do some Christians judge the right course of action?  Not by examining the Bible but by looking for ‘open doors.’

Search the Bible for yourself and you will see a solid rationale for embracing both spanking and suffering.

Just don’t mix up the two!


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