Does God Heal Dying Hamsters?

I was with some friends the other day and they began to tell me of an exciting miracle in their home.  Apparently their pet hamster fell a considerable distance to the floor.  The mother of the family collected the poor rodent in her hands and immediately feared for its life.  It seemed to be not doing very well.  She suspected its back was broken and its days were numbered.

However, as all parents will know, she did not relish the thought of informing her children of the impending doom of their pet furball.  So instead she called her four kids around and instructed them to pray for their hamster if they wanted it to live.

They did pray for the hamster.

After being placed back in its cage, the hamster was up and doing exercise on its wheel within the hour.  The mother and family were amazed!  She was sure the hamster had been fatally injured and yet, apparently, God had healed the hamster in answer to their prayers.

Let me ask you the obvious question:


Now you have had your say.  Let me tell you what I think:

We can’t rule it out of bounds.

Could God heal a dying hamster?  He certainly possesses all the power required to perform such a miracle.  God also cares for hamsters.  He created them!  Not only does God care for the hamster but God also cares for the children who care for the hamster.

Even as I am typing this post a funny but also relevant connection has come to mind.  Jesus went to see Lazarus’ grave after Lazarus died.  The family was understandably upset over the demise of Lazarus.  In this context we find the shortest verse (in English) in the Bible:

Jesus wept.

Jesus had compassion on the family and He had genuine love for Lazarus.  Perhaps – and do forgive me if this is stretching things too far for you – God has compassion on this hamster’s family and God has genuine love for the hamster.

Could God heal a dying hamster?  Yes.  Was it God who healed this hamster?  Please ask Him – I do not know.

I do not know the name of the hamster but I suggest it should be renamed Lazarus!


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