How can people NOT believe?

Here is an amazing picture:

Can you imagine being in space aboard the space shuttle and seeing this?  Of course, we know this is the visible sign of electromagnetic activity from the sun.  Yet to try to reduce it to a simple science statement is to ignore the beauty of the event itself.

How can people NOT believe in God when things like the picture above are commonplace?  The Bible says, quite simply, “The heavens declare the glory of God.”  The very skies above us are always telling us, “God is real.  God is real.  God is real.”  It is as if God Himself is saying, “Here I am.  Learn to see Me.  Here I am.  Learn to see Me.”

Romans 1 says “For since the creation of the world, God’s invisible attributes, His eternal power and Divine Nature, have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that all men are without excuse.”  Without excuse.  No possible justification for unbelief in God exists.

A simple picture tells us an amazing amount about God.  God is real.  God is eternal, He was before everything else.  God is all-powerful and even the sun obeys Him.  God is Divine and not human.

How can people NOT believe?


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  1. You answered your question (in the title) yourself with ” we know this is the visible sign of electromagnetic activity from the sun.”

    And then missed the beauty and mystery of your own statement (quoted above) with “Yet to try to reduce it to a simple science statement is to ignore the beauty of the event itself.”

    As Douglas Adams said “Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”

    Cracking picture though, well worth blogging about.

  2. The beauty in it, Ray, is not in answer to the question “How does this happen?” Rather, the beauty in it is in the answer to the question “Why does this happen?” Why should there be beautiful aurora borealis lighting up the night sky from earth and providing such an awesome display when viewed from space? Because God chose to make it beautiful.

    How can someone not believe? The answer is, in fact, very simple and is found in the Bible. People do not find it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God and God gives them to themselves and their own beliefs and the problematic ethics and morals which result. The evidence for God’s existence is as plain as the aurora borealis. The reasons for humanity’s rejection of the knowledge of God is equally plain: sin.

    Where do you stand Ray? Have you rejected God?

    1. Your question was ‘how do people not believe in God’ and your citation of the science is the answer.

      When Napoleon asked Laplace why his work did not mention God he simply answered ‘I had no need of that hypothesis.’

      Have I rejected God? (presuming u mean the God of classical theism)
      Well, I simply have no need for that hypothesis.

      1. When did you decided you no longer had need of God?

        Is there anything in particular which caused you to change your views?

        I can cite the science because science explains how things happen. Science does not explain why things happen. This is a crucial difference.

      2. I didn’t decide that the God-hypothesis isn’t required, it actually happems to just not ne required.

        You have also presumed that there is an a priori ‘why’ to the universe. That’s another proposal which just isn’t required.

        The ‘conclusions’ of theology are actually presumptions.

  3. I have not assumed an ‘a priori why’ to the universe’s existence. Rather, everything we can observe in the universe is contingent – it has a cause for its being. So the very natural question is what caused all of the these contingent things to come into existence? Since the universe cannot explain its own existence, something outside the universe must be the explanation for its existence.

    To be clear, you did, at some point, make a decision about God, or ‘the God-hypothesis,’ not being required because this does not seem to me to have always been your view.

    1. No, not a decision, an acceptance of reality, I had no choice about it other than my earlier life choice to follow truth wherever it may lead. I made thay choie when I 19, 2nd yr @ FM. I was a Humanist by my early 20’s.

      As for causes, yes, the universe must have a cause, but there is a giant leap from the cosmological argument to systems of soteriology. I will allow you Deism with this argument, but I will only approve an agnostic variety of deism as it an untestable hypothesis. There is also the lastest hypothesis by Stephen Hawkinging in his book ‘The Grand Design’ with proposals of the currently named M-theory and applications of quantum mechanics. This is testable so be prepared to your agnostic desim if this comes through for pure agnosticism … Even ignosticism … Maybe apatheism would be even more appropriate.

      1. I’ll only validate your statment on the cosmological argument if you’re referring to the reasoming where-by the cosmological argument, without supranaturalism, refutes itself. Without supranaturalism it refutes itself, with supranaturalism it is an agnostic desim. You are probably however swinging towards the kalam cosmological argument … Which has issues all of it’s own.

        No choice … The only reason for the God-hypothesis to be a part of any system seeking to understand existence is because the user wants it there. It’s not required, so I don’t use it. It’s also non uverifiable, so any acceptance of it greater than agnosticism is non-rational.

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