The Unseen Watcher

Well I think the title of this post sounds a little creepy! However the title is simply too succinct to change. I have been writing about the spiritual thoughts we are encountering as a family while we are away camping.

This morning John was away playing with some other children in the little woods near our campsite. He was very excited about being there because it was, in his words, “a bit swampy.” John has never seen a swamp so he was very thrilled to gain a new experience. The kids were away for quite a while playing happily together.

Being the concerned father I am, I went a couple of times to check up on John and be sure he was playing safe and being kind. I stood at the edge of the trees and watched him running wild in this little grove and saw him climbing small hills and took in the sight of him tiptoeing around the swamp which was, in fact, a small scum-covered pond.

Soon it was time to call John back so we could go and visit Hastings. Of course he wanted to tell me about the trees and the hills and the “swampy bit.” I told him I had already seen him and had been watching him even when he did not know it. So there I was – the Unseen Watcher.

As I have reflected on this thought today I have made the obvious connection to think God can be a bit like me – an Unseen Heavenly Watcher.

Jesus told the people they should not worry about the clothes they would wear or the food they would eat. God sees them and provides for them. My son never really worries about food or clothing – we take care of him. Even when we do not see God or take notice of Him, He is still taking notice of us.

Two more things to ponder in relation to this:

First, God promised Noah never to destroy all the living creatures again by a great flood. So far He has kept His promise. No matter how sinful people have been or are becoming God protects people with the minimum guarantee of life itself.

Second, God goes a step further and loves those He watches over. The verse I mentioned before is from the Sermon on the Mount, in Matthew Six. Earlier, in Matthew Five, Jesus says this: “…so that you may be like your Father in heaven, since he causes the sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.” God watches over and takes care of even those who hate Him.

To come back to Matthew Six, just after telling the people not to worry, Jesus said, “But seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these will be given to you as well.” I think if we are faithful to seek Him then we will meet and see the Unseen Watcher. We will find not just the minimum of protection or a general giving of help but a special, personal, loving Father who sees us, cares for us and who is looking out for us.

Even in the swampy bits.


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