Peace – Nature or Nurture?

So my wife and I are now off on our annual holiday. We’re camping with the kids at Lordine Court Touring Park in East Sussex. As we were unpacking we had a philosophical disagreement.

What I mean is her philosophy for a peaceful time was to unpack everything just perfectly, organise everything exactly and all will be well. My philosophy for a peaceful time was to simply relax and stop worrying about stuff.

As part of our conversation I asked for permission to make a spiritual statement without being accused of being over-spiritual. Here is what I said:

“Peace is a fruit of the Spirit and not a product of the environment.”

Galatians 5:22-23 is a list of the fruit of the Spirit. Peace is in there. Read it for yourself!

So is peace a matter of our nature or is it something which is nurtured? Quite simply, I think it is a bit of both but definitely more of the latter. Since the Holy Spirit lives in our new lives we can say the peace of the Spirit is a part of our nature. However, there are a few too many bits of the Bible which point to peace being something we nurture to ignore.

Take Philippians 4 for example. If we refuse to be anxious about stuff and instead commit these anxiety-producing things to the Lord THEN the peace of God will be with us.

Life lived by the Spirit is something we can nurture by a constant succession of choices to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit day by day. We can live according to the Spirit and so not gratify the sinful flesh which seeks to control, to manipulate and to rule its own life in the place of God the King.

At the end of my conversation with my wife I mentioned I might challenge myself to come up with short spiritual maxims every day.

Keep an eye on this space!


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