Jesus Arrives

This past Sunday I spoke to and helped a young man become a Christian. As part of our conversation I gave him a Bible and also turned down a page for him to read. The Bible is a long book and so it is often helpful to have a tip about where to begin reading.

The page I folded down was the beginning of the Gospel of Mark. The word ‘Gospel’ means ‘good news’ and so the Gospel of Mark is the good news of Jesus Christ as seen through the eyes of Mark.

Today, Tuesday, I read for myself the first chapter of Mark’s Gospel. I was really refreshed just by going back and reading the Bible while trying to imagine I have no Christian background. I tried to put aside my years of being a Christian and just see what was obvious about this little bit of the Bible.

What seemed immediately obvious to me is just how interesting and dynamic Jesus is. There are forty-five verses in the first chapter of Mark and all but the first nine of them are directly about Jesus. Jesus arrived on the planet and very quickly began to make a difference. Once he was an adult, Jesus began this amazing life journey.

Straight away crazy things began to happen to Jesus and around Jesus. He was baptised – that was kind of normal – and suddenly a voice came out of Heaven and spoke about Him. There was also a Spirit like a dove landing on Him. Then God sent God’s own Son into the desert to be tempted.

Did you see that?

God sent God’s own Son into the desert to be tempted. WHAT?!? Why in the world would He do that? Without being a long time telling you, let me put it this way:

Upon arrival, Jesus was tempted so He could understand how you are tempted.

Then Jesus started recruiting people. He was pretty direct about it. Quite simply, He just walked up to people and said, “Come, follow Me.” And men did! They just dropped their stuff and followed. WHAT?!? Could you do such a thing?

When Jesus arrives people begin to be pulled along behind Him.

What happens next is pretty – no, make that very – cool. Jesus just starts healing people. He was casting out demons, making blind people see, causing the lame to walk and changing lives miraculously. Very cool. He heals a bunch of people. Here is what the Bible actually says:

“The whole town gathered at the door, and Jesus healed many who had various diseases.”

Can you imagine being around someone like this? Jesus just starts healing people left, right and centre. This is actually what happens when Jesus arrives. People get healed and changed.

Has Jesus arrived in your life? In your town? In your family?

This is actually what the Kingdom of God is about. Jesus arrives, the Kingdom of God is revealed and people start being changed. People start getting healed. People start being made whole. People start seeing God right now.

Has Jesus arrived in your life? In your town? In your family?


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