Hello world!

Well this is where I should be saying “Hello World.”  Perhaps that would be a useful thing to say.  “Hello.”  Of course, it might be more useful for you to have some idea of what you can expect from this blog.  Mostly, I want to show you the Kingdom of God in the world right now.  The title of this blog is Basileia Theos. Basileia Theos is the Greek phrase which means Kingdom of God.

Don’t Worry!

You do not need to read Greek to keep up with what I mean to say here.  If God is real and His Kingdom is genuine, then we can explore how we can live as if the Kingdom of God matters for everything.  So how does the Kingdom of God matter to me as a parent?  What difference does the Kingdom of God make to me as a husband?

Who does the cleaning?

Let me give you an example.  Recently I have been thinking a lot about how to try to help my wife with the housework.  Of course, we have just welcomed our third child into the world and so my lovely wife has been less active around the house as she has been first heavily pregnant and then later very tired after giving birth.  So it has been my time to shine.  This put my mind to thinking about what God has to say about all of this.  How can we live as if God’s opinion really matters?

Does God have anything to say about house cleaning?  Well, not exactly.  But what God does say is for couples to submit to one another.  And God continually told people to look after their children properly.  What is most important in a good home?  Love.  Relationships.  Not the dishes, the laundry or the home repairs list.  If we put God first then we will try to help each other find God.  I will encourage my wife to look for God.  We will teach our children to look for God.

So who does the cleaning?  My wife can honor my time spent working outside the home by working inside the home to be prepared for my return home in the evening.  WAIT!  I know how sexist and retro that sounds.  Hear me out!  If my wife is taking care of the kids and the house while I am out working then I am free to spend my time with my family when I get home.  I don’t have to worry about tidying up the kitchen, raking the leaves or doing the last three loads of laundry.  I can spend the two and a half hours my kids have before bedtime eating with them, playing with them, talking with them and trying to help them see the Kingdom of God in my life.

Of course, the flip side to that record is I can honor my wife’s role in the home by really trying to spend time with her and the kids.  My work does not stop when I get home – my job just changes.  I become an encourager of my wife and children and not the latest X Factor candidate.  I become a teacher for my children and not a student of the Discovery Channel.  If my wife is worn out and needs help then I become a domestic fellow-laborer.

Place, Influence, Person

The Kingdom of God is about the place where God is.  Heaven is the current headquarters of God’s Kingdom.  Yet God’s influence, His reign, extends everywhere His subjects reside.  That should mean the influence of God’s Kingdom extends to everywhere Christians exist.  The Person of God reigns in heaven and should influence the world through his followers – the Christians.

So this blog is about the place where people are influenced by the person of Jesus Christ to bring the influence of the Kingdom of God into this life.  This will touch on a lot of different subjects like home and family but also politics, other religions and maybe even parking tickets!


What do you think?  How do you work out the kingdom of God in your home and family life?  Does it even matter to try to find God’s priorities for your home?


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